Over 4 Years of Experience Building E-Commerce Websites, Creating Effective Content Strategies, Building Immersive Ad Campaigns, And Helping Entrepreneurs/Artists/Businesses Build Their Brands Online. 


Undergraduate Degree

Florida State University 2012 – 2016

B.S. Mathematics and B.S. Chemistry

Minor: Biological Science


Academic Accolades

President 2014-2015 | C.E.L.L.S - Scientific Research Organization 

Mentor/Tutor 2012-2015 | FSU College of Medicine

Published Researcher With The Glueckauf Alzheimer's Project - 2013


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Curriculum Vitae

Saintilus Consulting Co. | Jan. 2016 - July 2016

Software Engineer

PHP • Javascript • WordPress • CSS

During this experience, I redesigned the company's outdated B2B website. I worked closely with the marketing and sales teams to develop content strategies to improve brand awareness. The result of this internship was a new, modern layout for their website which generated positive user feedback and led to higher conversions.


Web Rejuvenate | July 2016 - Current

Web Developer and Brand Consultant

PHP • Javascript • WordPress • CSS • Photoshop • SEO/SEM

After graduating college, I started working for myself as a freelance WordPress developer. This led to me building my consulting brand Web Rejuvenate. During this time, I pushed myself to learn React.js and used that for prototyping web applications and multi-page websites. My interest in design also helped me further my expertise in Photoshop and graphic logo and product design.


Blunt Truth Co. | July 2016 - Jan. 2017

Founder and Web Developer

PHP • WordPress • SQL • CSS • Social Media Marketing • SEO

Blunt Truth Co. was my first media project I took full ownership of. I wrote most of the articles for the website which included content aimed at an audience of young professionals and recent college graduates. Additionally, I used social media marketing to drive the daily viewers to over 1000 a day. Unfortunately, I neglected the website upon moving to San Francisco in September 2016, which led to my hosting service closing my website and deleting all the recent content. I learned a lot from this experience and perfected my WordPress development skills.


Bao Down Inc. | Jan. 2017 - May 2017

Creative Director

PHP • WordPress • CSS • Content Creation • Project Management

I was hired for a few months to work with this Canadian franchise, and assist them with opening their first location in the U.S. (San Francisco). I worked directly with the owners and investors to update their company website, built social media marketing campaigns, meet with wine and liquor brands to assist in developing the restaurant menu. I also added new features to there website using APIs for delivery service and reservations.


Anresco Laboratories Inc. | May 2017 - Jan. 2018

Data Analyst

SQL • Research • QA/QC • Scientific Analysis
Upon completing my role as creative director at Bao Down, I had an opportunity to use my Chemistry background to work as an analyst in a cannabis research/testing laboratory. This experience allowed me to continue gaining knowledge of project/product management and research analytics. My biggest project involved implementing QA protocols into the lab to improve sample intake and reduced handling errors. Additionally, I worked closely with the laboratory supervisor to improve the recovery of complex pesticides in difficult cannabis matrices.

Cali Quests LLC | July 2017 - Current

Co-Founder and Web Developer

PHP • WordPress • SQL • CSS • Marketing/Advertising • SEO • Sales

Cali Quests was my second endeavor out of college for starting my own online company. Initially I worked on this as a side project while maintaining a full-time career as a data analyst. I used WordPress to build my own child theme for this website, and created all of the content on the site. My initial research in online travel began in 2015 along with the conception of Cali Quests as a brand. I spent the rest of 2017 expanding my research and business knowledge until I was ready to launch a product in 2018.   2018 marked the official incorporation of Cali Quests as a Limited Liability Company within the state of California. The year began with me traveling to Germany, Iceland and The Czech Republic to introduce brand awareness and to gain a deeper understanding of my target audience in those countries. In the past few months I have solidified partnerships with well-known brands like Sierra At Tahoe, UC Berkeley, Hotels.com, Avis Rental Cars, and The-House Outdoor Apparel.


EMR CPR LLC | Mar. 2018 - Present

Webmaster & Product Manager 

WordPress • PHP • SQL • Photoshop • CSS • SEO

My work for EMR CPR included a complete website redesign, backend PHP development, and server/database migration. When I first took on the project, I did extensive design work including building: a brand style guide, 3 new logos, and a company Banner. Additionally, I worked with a tight deadline to build a prototype website within 1.5 weeks. 


Research Experience

Florida State University College of Medicine | May 2013 - Aug. 2015

Researcher - African American Alzheimer's Caregiver Training and Support Project ACTS | Supervisor: Robert Glueckauf, PhD.

R • Healthcare Analytics • Project Management

From 2013 - 2015 I worked on the African-American Alzheimer's Caregiver Training and Support project with my supervisor, Robert Glueckauf PhD., and a team of graduate researchers. During that time I was responsible for analyzing behavioral data from patients and their respective caregivers. At the culmination of my time on the project, our research was put to use, and there was a drastic improvement in patient and caregiver interactions. This led to a more balanced life for both patients and caregivers. Additionally, I recruited more than 5 other student researchers to work on the project. 


Florida State University Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry | Jul. 2015 - Dec. 2015

Researcher - Nano-Biomedicine and Molecular Biophysics | Supervisor:  Geoffrey Strouse, PhD

X-Ray Diffraction • Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy • Matlab • UV-Vis

For a winter semester during my senior year, I had the opportunity to work with my previous professor on his nano-biomedicine research project. I  assisted graduate students in the synthesis and creation of nickel and gold nanoparticles. I also managed my own project where I designed a computer rendered model of crystalline compound structures using MATLAB. At the culmination of this project, I wrote a presentation on the application of metallic nanoparticle surface energy transfer for measuring a human telomere structure.


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Cali Quests LLC

Bao Down Inc.


Blunt Truth

Saintilus Consulting Company

graphic design and product design

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